Fortnite Battle Royale

Also known as “freebie PUBG”, Fortnite is actually not as similar to PUBG as one would imagine.
Fornite has become so popular, we see young people all around talking about it. The features of the game such as being free to play and easy to learn, make it easier to become addicted. So we felt it necessary to create a beginner guide for the game.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a multiplayer game and although it is designed by Epic Games, the graphics don’t look too “Epic” to us. After a short time from the initial release on the market, a fun mode called “Battle Royale” was added to the game influenced by the success that PUBG had achieved. With this addition, Fortnite entered the gamers’ radar in a short period as a free and addictive game.

Why Did It Get So Popular?

In fact, “Battle Royale” themed games might be summarized in just a sentence: “Kill or Get Killed”.

If that is so, you may wonder why the game is so popular, and you are not wrong to. Even though the game looks quite similar to PUBG at this point, it is separated from PUBG in two details. The purpose of the game is what makes it so much fun to play: They land you on an island with other 99 people to let you fight for your survival and achieve sweet victory.

What is Early Access? 

Fortnite is still in early access process. This term means that the game is still unfinished even though it is playable and gets periodic updates. Early access term is generally used for games that you buy in order to play the beta version of it. This shows that Epic Games is planning to add more features and changes to the game as time goes by.

How is Fortnite Played?

At the beginning of the Fortnite, the game “throws” you to 8×8 kilometer map from a “Battle Bus”. When you find the right spot to start the game, you can jump and get to business. The game is played with 100 players including you. Also, Fortnite can be played with dual or quartet teams.

What’s the Target?

If you start the game without knowing anything, as I did, there is a huge possibility that you’ll get shot in the head within minutes. The main target in the game is not to die and kill as many players as you can. You might also try to play without messing up with others too much by finding good spots to hide but remember that someone might find and kill you.

Another point to keep in mind in the game is “The Storm”. The storm is a constant threat that requires you to stay in a safe zone. The storm won’t let you stay still in the game and if you get caught, you will lose a huge amount of your HP.

What is Loot and How is it Found?

Once you jump off the Battle Bus, your priority should be to find loot. Loots are things that will help you survive in Battle Royale. These things are found all over the map especially around pre-built locations. You will also need to keep an eye open for loot chests since they may contain special tools. As your experience in the game increases, you’ll realize that what distinguishes a good player from a bad one is the skill to utilize loots.

Take Your Chances! 

Fortnite is a battle game after all. So, if you are little experience in this field, you’ll find it easier to play. You’ll have to learn how to get a headshot, as it naturally deals more damage.

Gather Building Materials

After a certain point in the game, you may need to gather some wood, metal or bricks. It is possible to get those materials anywhere on the map using a pickaxe. Try to get at least 100 pieces of each material before half time. Because having your own building is key to success in Fortnite.

Interested in the Game?

You can try the game on iOS, PS4, PC and Xbox One for free. To play the game on your PC click on this link to install the game. For game consoles, the game is available for downloads at PSN and Xbox Live.

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