Apex Legends Game Review

How Did Apex Legends Achieve Such Success?

Getting into our lives suddenly at night as if night combat, Apex Legends gained great popularity overshadowing all Battle Royale games. The Battle Royale game Apex Legends had reached 1 million players in the first day, increasing the number to 10 million total and 1 million momentary players by the end of the first week. (25 million players and over 2 million momentary players at the moment.) Is it because the game is free or is able to adopt some features that others can’t, to give a new impulse to Battle Royale games that make Apex Legends of Respawn so popular?

Why is Apex Legends So Popular?

Respawn Entertainment created by Jason West and Vince Zampella, the names that also created Call of Duty, after they left Activision had put forward a product called Titanfall that gamers loved. Respawn developer team led by the duo expert in shooter games, reflected their experience in the field to Apex Legends. Titanfall themed game carries the marks of Titanfall in animations, shooting sensation and even classes.

While there are certain aspects that Apex Legends is similar to classical Battle Royale games, there are also some aspects differing the game from others. Intersection set of Apex Legends and Battle Royale games involves features like jumping to the map from a plane (or a bus!), trying to stay in a safe zone that constantly gets restricted, hunting loots and fighting for survival. What differentiates the game from other Battle Royal games is the parts that make the game fun!

Here’s the deal: You start the game by choosing a character among Legends that each of them has different features. 8 characters have unique skills and each character has 3 different features (tactical, passive and ultimate). Characters and their features in summary are:

Lifeline — Medic
Bangalore — Soldier
Mirage — Hologram Specialist
Wraith — Portal Lady
Bloodhound — Tech Monitor
Gibraltar — Guardian
Caustic — Intoxicator
Pathfinder — Grappling Hook

Different Classes Suit Battle Royale Games

6 of these characters are free to play right now. Having different classes makes Apex Legends a team play oriented Battle Royale game. You jump into the map in teams of three with boosting music on the background. A player is assigned as the leader and land all players in the team to a specific spot in the map. So, Apex Legends wants a teamplay starting from the very first moment. Indeed, the game is much more fun to play as a team than a game where everyone is chasing loots in different directions. In my opinion, the class system fits right into Battle Royale type.

With Wraith, a new tactical touch is added to the game with the ability to create portals in the right spots, infiltrating behind the enemy or use portals to shift locations quickly and operate hit and runs. Lifeline is an indispensable character of the team with medical help abilities. The tactical ability of Gibraltar is creating a shield for 15 seconds. This shield, when used in the right moment saves lives. Having a shielded character in the team might be the way to the victory. Especially shielding a fallen team member can change the game’s direction and make you win a long-lost game. Apex Legends resembles Overwatch in this aspect. Speaking of turning a lost game, it’s possible to bring your team player back from the light at the end of the tunnel. When you bring the banner on the dead player to respawn beacon, you may bring him/her back to life like a phoenix. 

Teamplay Doubles the Fun

Staying connected is vital for teamplay. Apex Legends developers are aware of this fact and there are certain features in the game that lets you communicate with your team easily even if you don’t have a microphone. You can share information like, let’s go over there, enemy spotted, loot locations with special ping system. In fact, your character tells what kind of weapon is there after you send the signal. If that’s not enough, your character talks when you stay away from each other or one member is out of the circle to give warnings. Those little details are all signs of how much brainstorming is involved in making of Apex Legend by Respawn. Players expectations and desires are well analyzed.

New game mechanics that we are not used to seeing in Battle Royale games introduced a new type of experience to the game. Developer company clearly strived to bring the game type forward instead of taking advantage of it. That deserves respect. Trying to revive your dead friends is all in all a progressive game mechanic.

Skydive, Get Armed, Fight, Die, Re-Dive

Another reason that Apex Legends got popular so quickly is the speed of the game. You start the game, you get together with your friends or you play alone. Finding other players, choosing character and boom! You find yourself diving from the plane within minutes. This kind of speed and optimization made Apex Legends popular in no time. You can wear gears immediately with one click and put other equipment into your inventory without having to open it.

Besides being a stable, fun game Apex Legends is a game that classes affect the gaming area. Battle Royale type is analyzed thoroughly and strived upon how to make it better. Already proper mechanics of Titanfall combined with a more user-friendly interface and added teamplay sauce to achieve a “proper” game. Graphics don’t look odd at all and fits the game world perfectly. Is there anything missing in Apex Legends? Off course. There are important balance issues between weapons. I can also say that shooting sensation is not as effective as it is in Titanfall. In the game where 6 of 8 characters are free to play (others are purchased in-game) it is announced that new characters will be added in July. There are many micropayment methods in Apex Legends that does not affect the gameplay. Cosmetic improvements like weapon skins, costumes, poses are purchased with real money. It looks like EA Games will gain a great profit from Apex Legends. Which is good. They should! Maybe that way they’ll stop trying to fit micropayment methods to story-based games.

We’ve played Apex Legends as a team and had fun. Faults in a game are discovered after a long period of gameplay. At the moment, these are all I’ve got to say. It’s free to try. So, why don’t you also try and let us know what you think?

See you around

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