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We all love Pac-Man, the number of people my age grew up without playing Pac-Man. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is a game that aims to introduce our little gluttonous ball to the new generation and to play a pinch of nostalgia in our mouths.

But unfortunately this is not the case. We are used to this kind of bad productions, but I can’t get used to insulting one’s intelligence, I don’t want to get used to it. Ghostly Adventures is catastrophic as a design product. I’ve always tried to remind myself that this is a children’s play, but even that didn’t prevent the reality of how badly the production was performed. The first episodes begin with the ghosts we remember from the classic Pac-Man invade Pacopolis. We also say that the business fell to the field we throw ourselves.

There are three keys in the game, jumping, special attack and eating movement called omp chomp.. Thanks to this movement, you are eating the ghosts you encounter. Of course, if the ghosts are next to each other by pressing this key in 2 seconds you are destroying every enemy in the area.

But these are normal ghosts. Apparently, the producer team must have said, Pac Brother Pac-Man can do other things, için to save the incident. You can eat various kinds of ghosts and eat fruits that give you special strength like ice and fire fruit. For example, a fire ghost, first you eat ice fruit and triangular key, then you eat, some enemies to eat the same key you need to press twice.

In short, you’re just running between extremely restricted platforms and jumping and eating something. I hear you’re asking what one can expect from Pac-Man, unfortunately if you add a scenario mode, a multiplayer mode, and new mechanics to the game, people are waiting to come across better.

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