Minecraft Review

Wouldn’t you like to just dig and cut around in a pixelated world to build structures that are only part of your imagination?

Markus Person ( aka Notch), an independent game developer, should have asked the same question to himself before he created the game called
Minecraft. He processed an idea that looks cool in theory but in reality, is permitting to mistakes, Minecraft attracted the attention of gamers everywhere.

If you start the game without any pre-knowledge, you will find yourself asking “where the hell I am?” in the beginning. Game graphics that may not be so appealing to some players while it can be visual heaven if you succeed in looking through the pixels.

Of course, Minecraft is not the type of game that makes us fall in love with the graphics. Imagine a universe where you can destroy almost everything and put in your inventory. In addition to that, you can build whatever you want with those materials. A castle, a farm, a waterfall… All you need is the right type of material and schematics.

You can create new objects by combining materials but to do that, you need to place each material in the right order.

As you see in the image above, we need to put materials in a specific order to get the specific item. And of course, it is up to you to find schematics. If you have a strong sense of exploration, you might find them by yourself in the game. If you don’t want to waste your time in that, just make a google search.

Minecraft offers us 2 different game modes that we can create things. Let me talk about creative mode first. In this mode where you have access to an infinite resource, you only play creation-oriented. It’s a mode for players who want to create things and focus on that only. Yes, I’ve said it’s for people who only focus on that, because in the other mode, survival mode, we’ll have totally different issues.

In survival mode your goal is the same: develop and build better structures. However, the difference between this mode and creative mode is that in this mode it is possible for you to get eaten by a zombie. You need to build a hovel to make it through the first night. Otherwise, you’ll join the food chain of monsters. When you get more experience, you’ll find the courage to fight against zombies and other monsters.

The most fun part of the game is that you can do all these online with your friends. You can play with your friends to build your world and fight against zombies.

Minecraft is, in fact, a game that does little but lets you do much. The production system in the game is a great example of the simple and detailed game combined. There are even other developers who tried to copy this system. Those copies demonstrate one thing only: Minecraft is a milestone for the gaming world.

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