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Dogs are ancient companions of mankind. It is one of the rare creatures that have shared their lives with their loyalty and love for a long time. These cute animals, which stand out with their different characteristics, have shared many things with human beings. The story of this friendship, which has been going on since the oldest pages in history, is as old as the story of mankind. Dogs astonish human beings with many features and continue to astonish them with these interesting features.

The dog from the Canidae family of Carnivora is the first domesticated animal. It appeared in Eurasia 12-14 thousand years ago, and its relationship with people began at least 10 thousand years ago. The canine pedigree extends back to Miacisis, a carnivorous mammal that lived 40 million years ago. The genera Cynodictus and Hesperocyn, which follow him, are considered primitive dogs, but carry structural features that may be common ancestors of many carnivores.



The later genus Tomarctus is probably the ancestor of the fox wolf, jackal and dog. On the other hand, the dog is placed in the Canis genus together with the coyote and the wolf, which are regarded as the direct ancestors of various experts. The closest candidate to be the ancestor of the domesticated dog is the gray wolf, which used to live in all of Europe, Asia, North America and has a wide variety of subspecies.

The dog figurines used in the Babylonian and Hittite art that are considered sacred by the Egyptians are similar to the Kangal Sheepdog. Despite the significant differences in form, color and pattern, all domestic dogs are of the Canis familiaris species, and more than 200 strains of today are produced by human beings, which are produced by selective breeding. As can be seen in wolves, the motive of living in a group and monitoring the herd leader is very strong in dogs.

This feeling plays an important role in orienting dogs. Unlike a cat that people like to feed, the dog cannot easily overcome an independent and wild life. It requires a great deal of living in the herd and the protection of the herd leader. The person who takes care of him is actually an element that replaces the herd leader.

Since the wolves living in the northern latitudes are much larger than the ones in the south, the dogs are thought to be descended from a smaller subspecies living in the middle or southern latitudes. One of the subspecies that live in India has lived in China. Coyote, on the other hand, shows a geographical distribution that covers Asia, southeastern parts of southwestern Europe and Africa.

Dogs love people from the moment they are born. The only animal that came into the world in this way is the dog. So even if you don’t show intimacy with the dogs, they have already embraced you. Your new dog has adopted your smell from the moment they smell you and can feel that you are the owner. It prefers to sleep on your belongings especially in the places it is located. Your scent will soothe them.

The newly separated dog sees the owner as his closest friend. If you help dogs to control their behavior, there will be no reason for them not to be your loyal friends. Besides their friendship, people use them for many purposes.

The sense of smell is very developed. They can perceive and distinguish thousands of times better than people. With these abilities, they can find missing people. Police dogs can find dangerous substances through special training. Trained dogs can also be the best friend and helper of disabled or blind people.

Just like humans, they can train dogs and improve their skills. The most difficult of these trainings is K9. K9 dogs are hard to find and very expensive. Dogs which have been living with people for thousands of years are probably the most useful and helpful to shepherds. In cold climates, dogs help people by pulling sledges. In such a cold climate, dogs can travel 150 km a day.

After the dog began to be domesticated, some characteristics began to develop to distinguish him from his wild relatives. The fact that the upward-curved tail shape probably descends to the first dog lineage reinforces the view that all dog types come from a common ancestor. One of the distinguishing features of the dog is that it has a smaller and weaker tooth structure. It appears that an artificial selection was initially applied to animals with smaller gears and therefore easier to train and control.

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