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There is no doubt that cats are one of the most adorable and very cute animals at home. People who want to feed cats in their homes and who want to belong to this world are in a big hurry to get brief information about cats. There are 500 million domestic cats in the world. They are derived from 33 different races. Men of ragdoll sexual cats vary in weight from 5 to 9 pounds, while females’ weight changes from 4.5 to 7 pounds. During the productive life of a female cat can have over 100 kittens. More and more cats breed each day. Stroking cats helps people to lower their blood pressure while at the same time allowing them to feel psychologically well.

Cats have 290 bones and 517 muscles in their bodies. Cats are the most sleepy animals of all mammals. They spend 16 hours sleeping every day in average. In psychology, the state of fear of cats is expressed in terms of ailurophobia, and the heresy of cats is expressed in terms of ailurophilia. One cat cannot immediately meow another cat. This voice is an appeal to these creatures. Cats have a viewing angle of 185 degrees. Cats can see in color but are partially color blind. This color blindness corresponds to the red / green color blindness seen in humans.

Cats are good for high tension patients and reduce blood pressure. Cats have more hearing abilities than dogs and humans. Cats in the dark have the ability to see 6 times better than humans. One in three Americans feeds cats. Cats love to play with electrical outlets and cables. But these can be very dangerous for cats. Although they make them extremely charming, cats’ whiskers are much more sensitive than they thought.

A sudden movement is immediately understood by the mustaches. Cats accept hunting grounds as home grounds, and a man cat’s home area is 10 times larger than that of a female cat. It has been reported that a cat “in charge” at a stadium in London hunted 12,500 mice in average within 6 years. A kitten must stay with her mother for at least 3 months to become a healthy adult. The male cats reach adulthood two months before the average when the female cats are 6-8 months old and the female cats average. Cats can swim, but they are not good swimmers. Therefore, water, sea, creek, swimming pool in the form of water can be very dangerous if they fall for cats.

Cats mark the area of ​​interest with concentrated urine to warn other cats from entering that area. Cats living in the house are responsible for household goods and their own belongings; water, food containers, toilets do not like to change places at all. Do not place the food of the cats underfoot. They want privacy when eating. Because of this, the areas that are frequently crossed are not correct as a food area. It is very risky for cats to live in very crowded cities.

There are many examples in this regard and cat lovers should prepare their cats in a much safer environment. In 1950, a Swiss cat watching the climbers climbed to the summit of the Alps (4,478 meters) with the climbers. Cats love playing games. But it was again the cats that saved Europe from the plague. People who want to adopt cats should first prepare their environments in a way that is suitable for a cat’s life. Because a cat also has a life and needs to be taken care of. For this reason, people who can not reach the responsibility of cat care should not intend to care for the cat.

Since cats spend a lot of time with people, we expect them to notice human signs to some degree. But anyone who is a cat person knows that cats are not always as sensitive as we want them to be. A way in which we often try to interact with these animals living with us is to point out objects. In fact, a study by Miklosi At. Company, proved that cats can understand human gestures to find food.

Another study was carried out to see if cats turned to humans in certain situations where they were insecure. This social reference is something he does with us both as children and as adults. For example; a clown may seem scary at first, but if everyone else is having a good time, we can quickly realize that this is not a situation to fear.

To see if the cats did it, the researchers showed the cats to the pennant fans that would probably scare them. The cat was brought to a room with the owner and the fans were turned on. The cat’s owner was told to act as if he was afraid of a fan or as happy and relaxed. Researchers found that most cats (79%) looked at owners and fans as if they were measuring their owners’ behavior. Cats also responded to the owners’ emotional responses, as they interacted with their owners as much as the owners seemed to be scared, inclined to the fans. It’s hard to explain, but the authors claim that cats seek assurance from their owners.

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