Games is a great game that can be played with web browsers and mobile platforms and has become one of the most popular games of recent times. The interest in this game is increasing day by day. This is because the game is different from the aim and other games in the form of play, which further increases the interest of the players.

The game is played by Browser via PC Browser. And you can play by entering nicks when you like the game. You can also make other split passes through different sections. The most striking feature of the game, which can be played on Android and IOS platforms, is to feed and eat. You can be the most exclusive soldier on the planet by growing more on this count…

How to play Agar Io?

  1. At the entrance of the game you will be asked for a nickname and you will enter the game after this nickname entry. In other words, you want your user name to be displayed in the other players in that game. After you have written your username, it is enough to press play / play.

2-Mouse is generally used when playing the game. You can move your character with the mouse by right, left, up, down, and diagonally. As you guide your character, you will grow by eating the food of the points in your score.

3-If you want to feed another character in your vote (this character may be your friend too), you have to press the “W” key. how much “W” you print, so much less you feed. the other character you feed in the same way.

What are the tricks?

Keep an eye on the approaching threats from the edges of the screen at any time as you can not see the entire screen while playing.

If you have a large cell that is approaching you, run away to the viruses immediately. Large cells will flee because of the danger of collision with viruses.

Do not go too far around the limits of the game.

If you can fall to the same server as a friend group, you can make an alliance.

My general idea is that it is more useful to go to areas where there is less safety and density than others.

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